Game and Nature

Lakka Beach Takes about 15 minutes driving from Lumley. Here are many places to eat and sleep. The Hard Rock on the rocky peninsular has great views on the beach and offers.

Goderich Beach Goderich is not known for its beach – most people drive past on the way to other beaches. Anywhere else, this would be a top attraction.

The rivers of the Western Peninsula are at their strongest during the rainy season, with many having waterfalls along their routes. Charlotte Falls are perhaps the most spectacular to watch as the water flows freely over the rocks down into the plunge pool at the foot of the falls.

The Gola Rainforest National Park (GRNP) was declared by President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma and enacted by the Parliament of Sierra Leone in December 2010. The park amalgamates Gola North Forest Reserve, Gola East Forest Reserve and Gola West Forest Reserves.

Lumley Beach The main public beach close to Freetown itself facing the Atlantic with white sandy beach, shops, restaurants, hotels, golf course, as well local clubs. Being closest to town, it is always busy and often quite dirty. Head further is you want to see some fantastic beaches.

Banana Island Has only 2 beaches but both are small, secluded and provide a unique getaway experience.


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